Whether you are a sole trader, an SME or an established business, first impressions count, and that’s why branded business stationery is important. From letterheads to business cards; high quality, well designed, branded stationery can really showcase your business.

Personalised stationery is vital for business development and repeat customers. Boosting brand recognition, while spreading your corporate message, keep those customers coming back with professional printing and packaging that will make you stand out from the crowd. The following are the six stationery essentials your business needs!

Branding- First Impressions Count

All the different types of business stationery must have one thing in common: they must all display your company’s logo, and this must look the same across all media, regardless of size or objective. Consistency is key in consolidating and enhancing your brand image in the minds of your customers, so that when they see just your logo, they recognise it as your business.
A logo can consist of just an image or a mixture of images and texts. It must be unique, be bold enough to stand out. Once designed it is a great way to market your business on many different types of stationery.

Letterheads- Create that Corporate Image

At some point, most businesses will need to produce a letter or quotation, and your company logo should appear on all correspondence. You will still create a much better impression if you attach letters to emails that feature a digital letterhead , even if you conduct most of your business electronically. Regardless of whether your letterhead is hard copy or digital, it must include your logo, business name (if it’s not in the logo), postal address, website address, email address, and phone number.

Compliment Slips- Personable and Professional

The compliment slip is a very helpful tool when mailings are involved, since it can be used in place of letterhead while still informing the recipient of the source of the documents and how to contact the sender. Consequently, compliment slips should feature the same information as those found on letterhead; indeed, the same header could be used. You only need to choose whether your compliment slip will be landscape or portrait.

Business Cards- Make Your Business Stand Apart

Business cards are still an essential marketing tool for any business, and one may wonder, why still use business cards? No matter the industry you work in, it is important that your business card reflects the skills you’re trying to convey. What your business card says about you can make a difference in how potential clients perceive your brand. From From Tradesmen to salesmen, they often can provide that personal touch to clients and potential customers. A well-designed business card can make you stand out from the competition and also helps in guiding clients on how to choose the perfect brochure.

Your business and your ideal customers all play a role in how you design your business card. When dealing with businesses in a similar industry, a clean, corporate feel is best. Your business card can have a quirky feel that will showcase your creativity if your service or business is more personal.
In addition to your name, business name, logo, and contact information, you should also include your contact information. If you have a presence on social media channels, you may also want to include a QR code to your website. The quality of the print and the card weight are also crucial. Making your card stand out will make it even more effective.

Branded Envelopes- Add the Personal Touch

Having envelopes printed with your company logo and brand image can help you maintain a professional image. As long as you use good quality envelopes, the recipient will be able to see where the posted item came from, and that your company is prepared to invest in even the little things.

Desk Pads- A Marketing Tool for Every Day!

When printed with a company’s letterhead or logo, desk pads can be a great form of advertising in any industry. When it comes to marketing, it can be difficult to find a solution that promotes your brand but is also useful for your customers daily needs.  Branded desk pads tick both boxes very well. Anyone who works in an office environment will tell you that having pen and paper to hand to scribble notes, take messages or jot down ideas is a must. Desk pads are a simple but effective business tool to keep your business at the forefront of the customer’s mind.

All businesses will have a need for company paperwork that is printed on good quality paper. The better quality the more effective the stationery will be. The stationery not only reflects your companies ideas it can also show how professional you are and how important attention to detail is to you.

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