Yes We Can Lam!

Finish off your work with style, class and professionalism by laminating it.

Have you a special item that you want to protect? We can help. Birth certs, newspaper clippings, love letters, ID badges, NCT certs, house and land deeds, memorial cards, security codes and passwords, certificates, signed autographs, menus, presentation prints, keepsakes, old money, you name it. If it can fit through and around our laminating rollers, we can laminate it.

We laminate any size from a small ID card size to 2 metres* and all sizes in between.

We use high quality heavy gauge micron pouches which will protect and seal your prints, while making them look great.

All of our laminating pouches are durable and anti scuff resistant.

We can laminate the following sizes in store while you wait:

  • ID Badge Size
  • A7
  • A6
  • A5
  • A4
  • A3

*Please note that all sizes large than A3 must be individually priced and require a longer lead time for lamination. Email us now for a quotation.

Please note that we cannot laminate bulky items such as collage or semi relief art pieces. The item being laminated must be able to fit through our laminator. For all sizes larger than A3, the item being laminated must be able to go around our heat rollers and must not be rigid.

Large Volume Laminating Work

Do you have a lot of items that you want laminated?

We can laminate items in the tens of thousands using our off site production laminators and encapsulators. For a custom quote simply drop us an email.

For all your laminating needs, simply pop into our store on Glasnevin Avenue in Finglas. We are only 20 minutes from Dublin City Centre with free parking.

For lamination, think Print Ready.