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If you are planning on getting some brochures printed, consider the style and format in which they will be printed and bound. The size and binding of your brochure can influence its look, feel, affordability, and longevity more than you may think. Size and binding aren’t just practical considerations.

In most countries, standard paper sizes are determined by the A’ paper sizes. From A0, which is the largest, to A7, the smallest. Alongside these, one should also consider the usefulness of continuation sheets. It is possible to choose between four standard brochure sizes: A4, A5, A6, and square, all of which, like continuation sheets, have their own advantages and characteristics.

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A4 Brochures

With 210mm x 297mm, A4 brochures are the largest standard size, giving you plenty of space to print both text and images. If you want to provide a comprehensive overview of your products, services, or business history, this size is perfect. You can fit quite a bit of information on A4 before it starts to feel too cluttered. A4 brochures also have the advantage of being familiar; they’re typically what audiences think of when they hear the word ‘brochure’.
Useful for:

  • Detailed product catalogues
  • Manuals with detailed instructions
  • Workbooks for training
  • Presentations

A5 Brochures

A5 brochures measure 148mm x 210mm, making them a little smaller than an A4. The A5 size is perfect for those who want enough space to get creative with their design, but don’t have enough content to fill a standard A4 without leaving too much white space. Also, if you plan to mail your brochures to prospective customers, it can be a more cost-effective option than A4.
Useful for:

  • Distributing at events such as exhibitions or seminars
  • Newsletters mailed to subscribers
  • Inductions for new employees
  • Product or service promotion

A6 Brochures

A6 brochures measure 105mm x 148mm, making them the smallest standard brochure size today. But what they lack in size, they make up for in portability, fitting neatly into handbags or pockets. They can be used as reminders to meetings or as a complement to online marketing.
Useful for:

  • Charts and graphics for business
  • Photos of products
  • Information summarized after a meeting
  • A brief introduction to the company
  • Descriptions of single products

Square Brochures

In addition to A4, A5, and A6, square brochures can be found in sizes of 148mm square and 210mm square, providing an unusual yet eye-catching alternative. Because the square shape stands out among the crowd and suggests an ability to think outside the box and do things differently, they are often used in industries with fierce competition.
Useful for:

  • Proposals for business
  • Presentations
  • When your imagery really needs to stand out, such as a university prospectus, a property project or a vehicle catalogue.

How should my brochure be bound?

There are a variety of ways to bind your brochure, and in addition to size, it’s important to think about style.

Stapled Brochures

A stapled brochure is one that has been folded and stapled through the centre, also known as ‘saddle stitched’ because the machine used to stitch it looked like a saddle.  When there isn’t enough surface area to perfect bind a brochure of 8 to 40 pages, this is an affordable binding option. Because these brochures are so affordable and quick to create, they are ideal for brochures that are intended for a short shelf life.
Useful for:

  • Brochures for businesses
  • A café, bistro, bar, or restaurant that regularly changes its menu
  • Beauty or salon price lists that are subject to change
  • In-house brochures
  • Programmes for one-off events
  • Seasonal catalogues
  • Product brochures

Perfect Bound Brochures

The spine of a perfect bound brochure is glued together, and any imperfections in the paper alignment are trimmed down.
In terms of appearance, these brochures have the closest resemblance to a paperback book, and they look very professional. They stack well – so they’re ideal if you’re mass-producing your brochures for distribution – and are still very affordable.
Useful for:

  • Portfolios
  • Manuals
  • Annual reports
  • Product brochures
  • Business brochures
  • Property brochures
  • Fashion catalogues

Wire Bound Brochures

Often referred to as spiral bound brochures, wire bound brochures use punch holes in the edges of the paper and insert a metal wire to form the spine.
In contrast to perfect bound brochures, wire bound brochures lie flat when opened, so they are ideal for reference materials as they can remain open for a long time.
Useful for:

  • User manuals
  • Policy handbooks
  • In-depth training workbooks
  • Recipe Books
  • Full product brochures
  • Long term business information
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