In this 21st century age of social media, digital footprints, and e-commerce we may be asking ourselves if having business cards are still necessary.

Well, we feel that business cards are still very relevant and useful in creating those all-important personal connections.

Below we’ll give some reasons why.

1. They Make you Seem More Professional

Not all business contacts are made through LinkedIn or through a Zoom conference. When you meet a business contact in person, it’s those physical interactions that really count. Using business cards as a marketing tool can create an impression of a skillful, experienced businessperson looking to build a strong commercial relationship. A professional, high-quality business card doesn’t just share contact information—it creates a long-lasting business connection.

2. They Help Create a Great First Impression

The first impression in any meeting is often the one that sticks. Handing over a well-designed card with all your relevant details can help cement a positive impression and give you a strong initial base. Good first impressions can give you that strategic advantage.

3. They Can Show your Creativity

Sometimes a business card can not only convey your accurate contact details, it can also help display your creativity. The card can be personalised and can show off some of the skills you have. When designing your business card, highlight what is unique about your business. Don’t be afraid to add unusual features or colours to make you stand out from the pack. Think about different materials and styles.

4. Contacts Expect Them

In many industries business cards are still expected. In certain situations, such as conferences or large business meetings, the cards can be the best way to find out and remember the other people present. They can solidify that initial connection and give you a reason to follow-up and create a long-lasting business relationship.

5. They Provide Clear and Accurate Information

On sites like LinkedIn, people don’t always update or include all their contact information. Without a business card, you may not be able to fully connect with them after that initial meeting.  Business cards have all the information you need in order to continue that connection and they then can be scanned into your address book and synced and can keep all your contacts up to date.

Every business is looking for new ways to create connections and develop relationship. New marketing techniques come and go and can quickly eat up budgets. Business cards however, are a proven, effective method to create and develop long lasting business connections.

From standard to stand out, we provide business card printing that will be sure to meet your business needs. In the age of social networking and online portfolios, a well-designed and professionally printed business card still carries weight today when vying for new customers. Ordering business cards online has never been easier.

The Perfect Business Card to Market You

We offer four business card grades which include:

  • Standard business cards – 300gsm board, digitally printed, full colour
  • Premium business cards – 400gsm silk board, two sided matt laminated, full colour, lithographically printed. Semi tear and water resistant
  • Deluxe business cards – 400gsm silk board, full colour, lithographically printed and laminated with Soft Touch laminate giving the card a ‘velvety matte’ touch texture. Smudge resistant and durable
  • Varnished business cards – 350gsm silk board, full colour, digitally printed and varnished using high gloss reticulation.

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