Types of Branded Materials to Utilise for Corporate Events

When planning for a conference or corporate, it’s imperative to make a strong statement to those attending. You want attendees to remember the event, right? So, how do you go about making your corporate event or conference stand out?

With the right branding materials and branded stationery in place, you can make a lasting impression. An event planner is responsible for ensuring maximum impact – so if you are planning a corporate event in the near future, here are some ways you can ensure your event is successful- and packs a punch!

Types of Branded Materials to Utilise for Corporate Events
Examples of Branding for Tote Bags
Examples of Pull up Banners

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Branding the podium

With speakers presenting from a podium, all eyes will be on the stage, and the audience will most likely take photos and share the pictures online, so having branding on the podium is essential. For most events, printing logos on PVC banner material, ordered to the bespoke dimensions of the lectern, may prove to be the best option as PVC banners can be easily attached.

The social media prop

A prop, such as a custom selfie frame, encourages attendees to take more photos, while ensuring that your logo and event details are shared on social media. Your Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram self frame can be used to encourage people to like your page and tag themselves in photos.


Coloured uplighters are a low-cost way to add your logo colours to your audio visual order. Especially in the stage area of the main room, this can tie together all of the different branding ideas and draw attention back to the event logo.


You might want to consider utilising lanyards with information such as the hashtag, agenda, key sponsors, and layout plan. Lanyards are practical and professional-looking, and can help extend brand perception.

Sponsor’s backdrop

If you choose a traditional exhibition pop up or need something specially hung at the venue, sponsor backdrops can be expensive. Extra wide banner stands are a cheaper, more durable alternative.

You can use banners to add some extra branding or interest to your event for a very low cost. You can even use 1m pull up banner stands as signage wayfinders.

Embroidered Garments

A branded t-shirt is a great way to identify event staff and brand the event. Embroidered garments are not only beautiful to look at and feel, they are also very practical and hardwearing. In addition to this, embroidered garments exude a professional and established connection for your business or club.


Folded leaflet are very versatile and can be used just about anywhere. Add professionalism to your corporate material and promotional documents by presenting information in a handy well designed pamphlet.

Examples of Personalised Water Bottles
Mock Ups for Personalised Cups

Tote Bags

Tote bags are not only extremely practical, they are also a highly desired item in our environmentally focused lives. Custom printed tote bags are a great promotional product to raise brand awareness. Due to their usefulness, tote bags are a popular go-to solution for businesses looking to give out freebies at events and trade shows.


The humble Mug is a very popular marketing tool for businesses and events. Printed mugs are the perfect way to be seen. Showcase your business with a special message or a full colour wrap around image- after all, who doesn’t enjoy a cup of tea or coffee?

Personalised water bottles

Sip in style and get your message out there with custom water bottles. Custom branded water bottles are an excellent complement to any marketing campaign. Promotional water bottles have become very popular at promotional events.

Coherent branding can set a corporate event apart, making it a much talked about event well after it is over. For every event planner, creating an event that engages with the audience is key. There’s nothing better for an event than a memorable experience everyone wants to share.

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