Trade shows can be a fantastic way to create exposure and meet potential customers. So how can your business get the attention it deserves and stand out at these events?

Make sure you have a great display

A great display is essential. It is the first thing exhibition attendees see. Your stand will become the talk of the exhibition.  Before the show think of investing in high quality exhibition materials such as pull up banners and presentation banners. Have branded tables that display your products.
If you have a limited budget, try to design eye-catching and well-designed banners that tell a story. Build an area that looks clean, presentable, and emphasises your product or services.

Dress like a team

Try to make sure your team wear branded uniforms to boost brand recognition. Design uniforms that stand out, but make sure they reflect your brand. A noticeable uniform that is recognisable as your company will be visible as your team move throughout the event and this can attract visitors to your display.

Produce a video presentation about your brand

A bold video presentation can be a great way to attract a crowd. It can be hard to have a one-on-one discussion with every single attendee of the trade show. Videos can be used to present your message, your new product or service even if you’re preoccupied.

Have food and drink

Trade shows can be a long old day, people get hungry and thirsty. Why not offer your visitors some snacks and refreshments? Think about handing out a branded water bottle. Have small snacks available. While they’re eating or taking a sip of water at your booth, you can start a conversation about your product or service. This can help create personal, long-lasting connections.

Bring along well-designed promotional materials

Well-designed promo material can portray a professional and trustworthy brand. Business cards, brochures, and catalogues are perfect material to bring along to a trade show. They catch potential customer’s attention, provide useful information, and leave a good impression of your business even after the tradeshow has finished.

Think of some memorable but functional giveaways

Giveaways are a basic at all trade show. They’re a simple and effective way to attract people to your stand. Almost everyone in the trade show has some sort of giveaway, so it’s important to make your booth stand out. A lot of businesses give out mugs and pens. Try something different like USB sticks, notebooks, or even beermats!

Provide large, branded reusable bags

All the other companies will be giving out a plethora of freebies.  Give out strong, large, branded reusable bags that to help the visitor carry all those giveaways. All those people walking around with a bag with your logo provide free advertising. People may go looking for these bags and hopefully will end up at your stand.

Have competitions

A great way to stand out is by by having a raffle or contest and giving people unique prizes. Ask people leave their business cards or fill out a raffle ticket. At the end of the trade show, you can announce the winner. People love competitions so this sure to get you some attention.

Catch people’s attention using some creativity

Try to think of something unexpected that other companies haven’t thought of, but make sure it’s still in line with your brand.
There are a lot of different ideas to make you stand out at a tradeshow, some are tried and tested and some or more creative. Either way there are plenty of strategies to make your brand stand out.

Promotional materials for your next Irish event

When it comes to generating meaningful awareness for your business that will last, promotional products are the best choice. If you are deciding on promotional merchandise for your business, increased visibility and brand growth should be at the top of your priority list.

Branded merchandise is a great way to create a lasting impression for your brand. With the right personalised promotional products you can make the right impression to your target customers. At Print Ready, your promotional merchandise will be designed to the highest standards, with the best materials and most uptodate techniques to do just that. Examples of promotional materials we create include:

  • PVC Banners
  • Pull Up and Pop Up Banners
  • Custom Flags
  • Personalised Water Bottles
  • Catalogues / Brochures
  • Mugs
  • Tote Bags
  • Pens
  • Wall Planners
  • Leaflet Printing
  • Posters

Do you have a question about signage and promotional materials or need advice on what your best approach should be?  Call into our shop on Glasnevin Ave, email us on or call (01) 858 1000 – we will be delighted to help!