Since the early 19th century, no respectable bar or tavern would be seen without the trusty beermat. At first, they were used to cover ale and stop pesky insects. By the 1900’s a new purpose appeared, not only did they stop drink slipping, they also enabled bar staff to keep a tab on what their customer had drunk.

It’s not surprising then that brewing companies took full advantage and printed their logos on the beermats. Thus, the humble beer mat as a marketing tool was born. Today the beermat offers many marketing opportunities for many different types of businesses.  Check out the following 5 ways promotional beermats can work for your business.

1. Branding Awareness

As well as being highly visible, a well-designed beermat can convey to a customer what your company has to offer, who you are and what you do.
Beer mats are much more interesting than a poster behind the bar or on the wall. A printed beer mat is on a table in front of its target market. The chances are they will be touched, used and read. Beer mats aren’t a typical promotional item -they can deliver a powerful message that the customer retains.

2. Practical, low cost marketing

By utilising beer mats to promote your business, you can effectively market and increase awareness and not spend a fortune. Ideal for short promotional campaigns, they have just enough space to get your business message across in a way that won’t alienate your customer.

3. Subtle, everyday exposure

Whether the beer mats are in bars, restaurants or at home; day in, day out they are visible to your customer. Creating continuous, interesting copy means they will be looked at again and again by your target market.

4. Continuous, customer engagement

For any business, building a loyal customer base is crucial for success and longevity. You want to promote and increase brand perception and recognition, as well as increase baseline sales. One way beermats can do this is through encouraging customers to ‘act’, to go to a website or a social media channel, to ‘do’ something. Be it the promotion of a new product or to encourage customers to signup to a newsletter; include some form of CTA (call to action), that will ensure your beermats are continuously working for you.

5. Like a business card, only better!

Business cards offer advertising, brand recognition and contact details for any business person introducing themselves and their business. Similarly, a beer mat can do this whilst being entertaining and useful!

When it comes to beermats, let your imagination run free! As well as business information, think about how a beermat can become another marketing tool for your business; driving traffic to an app or new product, providing information on an upcoming event or driving new leads through a competition..the choice is endless and can be used to reflect your ideals and the relationship you want to establish with your customers.

Take advantage of an untapped marketing opportunity by promoting your business at your next event with custom printed beermats. Our promotional beer mats are absorbent and suitable for soaking up spills and drips. Our Promotional beermats are printed in full colour and are a great tool for marketing your brand, business or event. We design and print beermats for pubs and bars all across Ireland – and we can do the same for you.

  • Printed onto 1.4mm Heavy-duty European pulpboard
  • 93mm square and 107mm circular options
  • Max 10 day turnaround time
  • Full colour photo quality personalisation
  • Printed 2 sides
  • Graphic design service available
  • Food safety certified
  • Suitable for soaking up spills while still holding their shape

Contact us today and find out how to wow your customers with promotional beermats, simply order online or email or call us on (01) 858 1000 to discuss your ideas.