Wedding Mass booklets are a beautiful way of sharing wedding ceremony details with your guests, providing them with information such as who is in the wedding party, the running order of the ceremony, songs, music, readings and who will be reading them.

The wedding Mass booklets (also known as order of service booklet or ceremony booklet) also provide guests with prompts on responding to the Priest or Celebrant at the correct times.

Wedding Mass booklets are an integral part of your special day. Not only are they a perfect way to keep everyone informed, a wedding Mass booklet is also a beautiful keepsake for your family and friends of your special day. Adding other Wedding Stationeries on your wedding day, like personalized place cards and menu cards, can further enhance the experience for your guests. And because of this, you want to make sure it’s perfect!

Having created many wedding booklets over the years, we find that some of our customers have similar questions in regards to their wedding Mass booklets- so we thought we would put together a list of the most common questions we are asked about them.

Wedding Mass Booklet Dublin

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Do I need to arrange the wedding Mass booklet in word so the pages back up for printing?

No. We look after that for you. Just create your wedding Mass booklet in the correct running order (ie, from start to finish) and we will make sure it is printed correctly.

How many pages can I have in the wedding Mass booklet?

You can have as many as you want but just remember, if you do not want blank pages, you need to have your text span a page count that is divisible by 4 (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 etc). Typically, most people leave the inside front cover blank and the inside back cover blank. If you want ti this way and you want a 16 page wedding mass booklet, we will need 14 pages of MS Word text or a PDF with 14 pages in it. We can add the blank pages for you.

I don’t have a cover design, can you help with this?

Of course. We have a wide selection of cover designs on our website for you to choose from. We can personalise these for you. Click here for Wedding Mass Booklets Or if you see something online, we may even be able to recreate it for you. Also, our designers are on hand if you want a wedding mass booklet to be designed in the same vein as your wedding invitation. Find out about current wedding stationery trends.

Is the wedding Mass booklet cover on a heavy paper or card?

We print the cover on a heavy luxury 300gm board and the inside pages on 110gm A4 digital paper. (standard paper)

Can I have the wedding Mass booklet on cream stock?

No problem. We have a cream option available too.

The text is a bit messed up with tabs and spaces, can you fix it?

Yes we can. Simply send us a MS word file and we can fix any bad flows.

We’ve left it to the last minute and need wedding Mass booklets for this weekend! Help?

Help is at hand. Getting married is a big undertaking and things can slip through the cracks. We can turnaround with short notice. Just remember if we are shipping; it can take 1-2 days.

Can the wedding Mass booklet cover be in colour?

Yes, no problem at all!

General information about our wedding Mass booklets

Our standard wedding Mass booklet is A5 portrait size and consists of 12 pages, printed on 110gsm white matte paper throughout (Cover printed on 300gm card). Mass Booklets are supplied to you stapled and folded. We can print your wedding mass booklet in full colour, or black and white.

All our mass books are professionally designed and printed at affordable prices.

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