Do you own a business and want to attract more customers on the road? Or are you just looking for an upgrade in your vehicle’s design? Whatever the case may be, one of the most effective ways to make your company stand out is through vehicle graphics. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which type of graphics will work best for your industry.

So, lets take a deep dive into the various types of vehicle graphics that can help boost brand awareness.

Advertising through Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are a type of advertising that uses large, printed vinyl decals to promote a company, product, or service. They are typically applied to the sides or rear of cars and trucks, but can also be placed on other types of vehicles like buses and boats.

Vehicle graphics are an effective way to reach a wide audience with your marketing message. They are often seen by more people than traditional forms of advertising, like television or print ads. And because they are mobile, they can reach people in different areas than other marketing methods.

Vehicle graphics can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as promoting a new product or service, increasing brand awareness, or providing information about a special sale or event.

Why Utilise Vehicle Graphics?

There are many benefits to using vehicle graphics, no matter what industry you’re in. Vehicle graphics can help you:

  • Get more leads and sales
  • Increase brand awareness and name recognition
  • Make a great first impression
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Create a mobile billboard for your business

There are a variety of vehicle graphic options available to business owners, and the best type for your company will depend on your specific industry for example:

– If you own a plumbing company, van wraps are an excellent option for advertising your services. They are highly visible and offer a large amount of space for displaying your contact information and company logo.

– Truck decals are ideal for promoting landscaping businesses. They are durable and weather resistant, so they will hold up well even in harsh conditions. Plus, they can be easily removed when necessary.

– Car wraps are perfect for businesses that provide mobile services, such as car detailing or home cleaning. They allow you to show off your company’s branding while driving around town, and they can be easily removed when no longer needed.

Types of Vehicle Wraps

Full Vehicle Wrap
The ultimate way to stand out. Wrapping a van or truck with vivid images, colours and finishes can transform your vehicle just the way you want. A full van wrap or a vinyl wrap for a car will cover the whole vehicle with your unique printed design.

Partial Vehicle Wrap or Half Wrap
Some people prefer to cover part of a vehicle, which will still result in a change of appearance. Common areas personalised include the bonnet, the roof, spoilers, the wing mirrors and interior sections.

Carbon Fiber Wrap
If you want your car wrap to have the ‘carbon fiber’ look but don’t want the cost, carbon fiber vinyl wraps can be applied to your vehicle or parts of your vehicle. Go for a full wrap or select particular sections such as the bonnet or wing mirrors.

One Colour / Colour Change Wrap
Why have an expensive and permanent respray when you can utilise a one-colour wrap? Maybe you fancy a change of colour for your vehicle without forking out for a re-spray? A colour change car wrap is the perfect solution. Not only is the vinyl completely removable, it also protects your car from chips or scratches.

Colour Change Wrap for Trucks & Vans
If you have just purchased or leased vans or trucks for your business, colour change wraps are a fantastic way to personalise the vehicles. Not only will the vehicles be protected against scratches or chips; when it comes reselling or the end of a lease, you will still have a shiny clean vehicle. Van advertising wraps are one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Truck & Bus Vinyl Wrap
There is a lot of space on a bus so why not consider maximising the space by wrapping it? Whether it’s a partial or full wrap, you will be able to utilise the space the way you want it.

Trailer Wrap
Completely or partially cover a trailer’s original paint work with a vinyl wrap of a different colour. Additionally consider a finish like gloss, matte or a clear protective layer.

Vehicle Fleet Vinyl Wrap
Our large format digital printer can cope with even the largest road vehicles. Maximise impact with branded vehicle wrapping across your commercial fleet.

Vinyl Types for Vehicle Graphics

As technology advances, so too do the choices of vinyl types – these include:

  1. Printed vinyl: This is the most popular type of car wrap, as it offers a high-quality print and can be applied relatively easily.
  2. Cast vinyl: This type of vinyl is more durable and offer a higher-quality print, making it ideal for luxury or performance cars.
  3. Reflective vinyl: This type of vinyl is great for safety as it makes your car more visible at night. It can also be used to create unique designs.
  4. Chrome vinyl: This type of vinyl gives your car a high-end look with a mirror-like finish.
  5. Fluorescent vinyl: This is the perfect way to make your car stand out from the crowd – perfect for promotion or advertising purposes!

Future Trends for Vehicle Graphics and Car Wraps

In an ever-evolving industry, new technologies and materials are constantly being developed.

  • New materials: Car wraps are currently made from vinyl, but new materials are being developed that could be even more durable and long lasting. Some of these new materials include polyurethane and ceramic-coated film.
  • Printing technology: The printing technology used for car wraps is constantly improving, allowing for sharper and more vibrant colours. This means that car wraps will continue to get more attention-grabbing and eye-catching.
  • Installation methods: The methods used to install car wraps are also constantly improving. Newer methods allow for a quicker and easier installation, so you can get your wrap on your vehicle faster than ever before.

Full Vehicle Vinyl Wraps in Dublin

For many years, large corporations, organisations and businesses throughout Ireland have been utilising custom vinyl wrap printing to advertise their services.  Car, truck and van wraps can be extremely cost-effective, as well as provide a great return on investment. Using the latest digital print production, full colour, latex ink and wrapping techniques, these car wraps could be seen by many thousands. Imagine what that could do for your business in Ireland!

Promote your business or organisation wherever you travel in Ireland by choosing Print Ready’s vinyl wrap service. Whether you are looking for custom car wraps, vinyl wrap for vans or advertising wraps for your vehicles, we’ve got solutions for you.

Due to its durability, vinyl wrapping is a fantastic choice for visually modifying your vehicle. With full-colour, high-definition photographic images on your vehicle, you’ll add a dynamic element that is sure to get your business noticed. Unlike a car respray, a custom vinyl vehicle wrap is not permanent and can be completed within 5 days.

At Print Ready, we offer a wide spectrum of vehicle (van, car, truck, trailer, bus) wrap solutions (including full wraps, partial wraps and half wraps) – whatever the colours, finish and even texture, we have you covered.

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