A Memorial Card (also known as In Memoriam Cards, Funeral Cards or Remembrance Cards) is a very personal, long-lasting momento of remembrance to commemorate a loved one’s passing.

Whilst small enough to fit into a wallet, there is no right or wrong in what to include in a memorial card.

What Information Goes on a Memorial Card?

The information included on a memorial card can vary. It is a very personal decision to make, and we can help design a bespoke card that feels right for you. We can help suggest information that could be include.

  • A Photo: One side usually features a photo, this can be taken from the funeral order of service,
  • Name: The majority of people would include the first and last name on the memorial card. If the person had a nickname that they went by sometimes that would also be included. For a married women, often their maiden name would also be included.
  • Dates: The significant dates usually go below the name. Our standard format is usually to include date of death in the form “who died on the 14th of May aged 82” just under the name. Often the date of birth is also included. Of course, the information included is up to the individual. The format can be changed to suit an individual’s needs
  • Addresses: Quite often an address can be included. Mostly it’s just the town and county. For some people, a full address is included. Your preferred format can be agreed when providing your information.
  • Verses: Often a favourite quote, bible verse, short poem, or lyrics of your loved one can be included. This could be added below the main details or placed on the back of the card. We have many examples of verses that have been included and would be happy to help when choosing appropriate verses.

Some additional details you
can include are:

  • Plot number of the cemetery where they were buried. This may be useful when family and friends are hoping to visit the plot at a later date.
  • Names of parents or spouse who preceded them can also be included. This can help make the card more memorable and more of a celebration of the person’s life and upbringing.
  • You may wish to include a personal sentiment from the family. This may reflect the personality of the person. Favourite hobbies could also be including for example “Fly fisher extraordinaire”. These little touches can personalise the memorial card and make it a touching and heart-warming keepsake.

It is also crucial to opt for an easy-to-read font. There might be a lot of information that you’d like to include but too much is not recommended. The funeral director might help you choose the wording and we are always here to help.

The Card Layout

The most popular style of memorial card is the folded four page memorial card or in memoriam card. This card is designed with a picture of your loved one, their name and address (if you so wish), date of death, age (optional) and a short verse. The opposing page and the back page contain fitting verses chosen by you that are appropriate to the life of your loved one.

Helping you Choose the Perfect Memorial Card

We offer our customers two different options when choosing a memorial card. Customers can easily create a design from our library (or our printed samples) that best reflects your loved one. Alternatively, customers may wish to use images that are of a personal nature and hold special significance or sentiment. Images such as paintings created by the deceased, photos of a cherished location such as a specific beach, street or walkway, or garden that they held dear. We have also reproduced memorial cards using the wording of a poem, song or stanza that the deceased composed or liked during their life.

Full Memorial Card Service- From Design to Packaging

We offer a full memorial card service allowing you to achieve a truly unique and bespoke memorial card for your loved one. Whatever you are looking for in your memorial gifts, whatever your demands, we are on hand to assist.  At Print Ready, we take special care and attention when it comes to designing, printing, folding and packaging your memorial cards. Call us on (01) 858 1000 to discuss your ideas or email hello@printready.ie

Our staff at Print Ready in Dublin has over 20 years experience in designing and printing memorial cards in Ireland. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise backed up by a long list of very happy customers. The majority of our memorial card orders are attributed to word of mouth, which is a fact we are very proud of. If you are looking for a memorial card printers in Dublin or are happy for us to deal with you by email and post to anywhere across Ireland then look no further. We promise to deliver a memorial print service that will help you through this difficult time.