It is no secret that Halloween has a huge amount of potential for businesses in Ireland. Here are a few great ideas on how you can leverage the Halloween Holiday for your business to boost the revenues, sales, or engagements.

Create Halloween Products

You do not have to miss out on Halloween if your business does not offer traditional Halloween products. You can incorporate a Halloween twist into any product or service for fun, for marketing purposes, or to sell products.

  • There are many Halloween themed dishes that you can serve on your menu if you sell food, such as spooky burgers, vampire coffees, and cupcakes that are themed for this spooky holiday.
  • Get special menus printed or print Halloween business cards that would really stand out!
  • A special month-long calendar with a Spooky style could be printed for a giveaway for your most loyal customers.
  • Get printed Halloween puzzle sheets for the youngsters. Have your company brand visible but have fun games etc on the sheets to keep the young ones happy.

Have a blast and go all out

If you are a bar, club or event space and you really want to go all out for the party season and change your venue from a bar to a graveyard or a club to a Victorian Vampire Boudoir.

Increase foot traffic and customer retention

In order to increase the number of customers to your business, you can offer events on your premises, such as a Halloween themed scavenger hunt, where people can win either a treat or a discount code – perhaps a discount code or a silly joke at the end of the hunt. By printing special vouchers you could encourage customers to return during the busy build up to Christmas. Whatever seems to match your business best will be effective for you.

Print marketing with Halloween colour

Halloween campaigns are created simply by using colour. The colours associated with Halloween are black, purple, orange, and lime green. All great eye catching colours to help your special offer stand out!  These colours instantly set the tone and are sure to catch attention of Halloween thrill seekers.

Keep your brand identity in mind

It’s not necessary to throw out your brand’s identity just because it’s Halloween.  You want to improve brand awareness and boost sales, so don’t let your brand get lost in the design.  Use Halloween colours and graphics to get creative with your branding and tone.  Don’t be afraid to embrace Halloween, but make sure you keep your brand’s style in mind.

Promote Your Halloween Offers with Signage

It doesn’t matter if you offer the best Halloween offers in the world, if people aren’t going to see them, then you will never be able to take advantage of them. You may want to consider investing in Halloween specific signage that you can bring out every year and change every year as the Halloween offerings change. If you are a bar or restaurant, you may want to consider some wall signs for a Halloween menu, or an A board to promote Halloween cocktails or a Halloween party. To promote the spooky season within your retail offerings, make sure that you have some great signs and decorations in your windows.

Reusable content

Because Halloween happens every year, the photographs you take, props you create or signage you create will also be able to be used the following year, so investing in Halloween is a great idea. Promoting your next Halloween event with photos from the last one will help you make it even more memorable!

Don’t hesitate to speak to our team if you are looking for special signage or promotional materials for significant throughout the year such as Halloween, Christmas or St Patricks Day. They can provide you with advice to you, regardless of your industry, to create the right Halloween signage for you.

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