Designing a flyer can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to know where to start and what elements to concentrate on. The pressure to put across as clear message as well as contain all the information you require can be difficult.

Use our simple tips below to help you create the perfect flyer.

1. Define your goals

Before you start designing your flyer, develop a strategy for the flyer design. What message are you trying to put across? Where will it be distributed, such as distributing flyers door to door or at events? What will your budget be? Once you’ve answered these questions, you can you figure out what size and shape the flyer should be. After developing a clear goal and strategy this will help you plan how to get vital content into the design in an effective way.
One of the most common mistakes in flyer design is thinking that you can fit everything in. You should make strategic decisions about key content. Keep elements that suit the goals of the design and for the targeted audience. Get rid of everything else.

2. Think about contrast

If you go for high contrast visuals these can be eye-grabbing and easy to understand. A flyer needs have a strong pull to get users to notice it. Unlike a website, where users can go from page to page, a flyer has to get the attention straight away.  If you can imagine passing a billboard or a poster, it has to grab your attention in order for you not only to notice it but also pay attention to it.

3. Key words are everything

Using certain keywords or phrases in the design of the flyer can help sell it. If you want to create a distinct impression, make them larger, bolder, or brighter. What kind of words grab your attention? Try using these to catch the attention of your audience:

  • Easy
  • Free
  • New
  • Limited
  • Save

4. Include a call to action

You may not be able to click on a Call to Action but it still vital to include one. The flyer has to have a purpose, it must direct the potential customer in the direction you want.  Try to create a distinct and simple actionable item. A call to action could be encouraging a visit to a website, calling a phone number or showing up at a certain place. Make it as easy as possible for users to act. Shorten URLs or include QR codes.

5. Think top down

Think about starting with the most important information at the top of the page and move down the flyer to the least important information. The most striking images or graphics should be in the top third of the design. The size and scale of text and design elements will likely follow this same hierarchy. Scale and colour help draw users down the page.

6. High-quality images are vital

Images have to be high quality. They have to clear and stand out. A poor quality image will damage the credibility of the flyer and could reflect badly on your brand.

7. Keep branding standard across all channels

A well designed flyer will help establish and maintain brand identity. Don’t forget to maintain that sense of who you are when using different platforms.
Make the flyer distinctly yours. Incorporate brand visuals, typefaces and wording that are familiar with your company or product so the viewers know that the design is from you.

Flyers and leaflets are a great marketing tool to help get your business, product or service noticed. Whether you are announcing a launch, a sale, an event or just simply promoting your business in general, flyer printing will put your message right into your customers hands.

Print Ready Dublin offers as standard:

  • 2 different weight options (130gsm and 170gsm)
  • 5 different size options (DL, A6, A5, A4, A3)
  • Quantities ranging from 250 to 20,000
  • Single or double-sided

These handy handouts will give your potential customers all the info they need about your products and services. With a variety of flyer designs, sizes and finising options, Print Ready will be sure to give you a leaflet design that portrays your business in a stylish and presentable manner. Whether it’s 500 or 5000 flyers you’re after, our design team will give you the same unparalleled design service regardless of quantity.

Do you have a question about business flyers or need advice on what your best approach should be?  Contact us now on or phone us on (01) 858 1000 let us help you make that lasting impression.