Selection of Beermats Printed by Print Ready Dublin

Beermats make for an incredibly effective marketing tool that can directly communicate your marketing message to your target audience. Beermats are always get used, played with, written on and mulled over. Your customer may be sitting, relaxed and chatting with friends or colleagues with your message right there in their view.

There are many different ways beermats can be used to promote your message – and not just in a pub or bar. Check out the following 7 ways beermats can be utilised as a business tool!

Examples of Beermats Printed and Designed by Print Ready Ireland
Hand Holding Beermat Designed and Printed by Print Ready
Back and Front Beermat Designs

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Interactive Beermats

Adding games, puzzles and competitions to a beermat is a great way of increasing brand loyalty. Mazes, quizzes, conversational pieces.. there are a variety of ways of engaging with your customers and promoting your products and brand.

2 Marketing Beermats

For marketers, beermats are the perfect marketing tool- not so intrusive so as to overwhelm, but there subtly all the while. A beermat can be much more than something to soak up liquid, it can enhance business branding and define your business ideology. It can provide key business information and enhance your overall business brand.

3 Feedback Beermats

Have a space on your beermat for customers to write feedback on. This can become a useful tool in finding out what your customer wants. Also add links to social media and encourage customers to leave feedback.

4 Promotional Beermats

Turn a beermat into a promotional tool as a giveaway at a company event, corporate giveaway or tradeshow. This way, your logo is with prospective or new customers, printed on a practical item they can put to good use.

Example of Square Beermats Printed and Designed in Dublin
Selection of Beermats Designed and Printed in Dublin by Print Ready

5 Business Beermats

Rather than handing out business cards to potential customers, use the beermat to convey key business information. Reinforce your brand by adding your logo, your contact details and social media accounts.

6 Collectable Beermats

Beermat collectors find unusual beermats particularly desirable. Even changing the design every few months may make them more collectable. Create a limited number of certain types and use these as special giveaways or competition prizes. Not only do would these beermats display your message, they may also end up highly prized by the recipient.

7 Event Beermats

Utilise a beermat to promote an event or announcement. By printing on a beermat, instead of the normal flyer, there is a much better chance of your customer retaining a beermat as it is actually useful.

As you can see there are a number of ways to utilise beermats. I’m sure you can think of many more that would not only raise awareness of your brand but also engage with your customer in a fun and unique way.

Take advantage of an untapped marketing opportunity by promoting your business at your next event with a customised promotional beer mat. Our promotional beer mats are absorbent and suitable for soaking up spills and drips. Our Promotional beermats are printed in full colour and are a great tool for marketing your brand, business or event. We design and print beermats for pubs and bars all across Ireland – and we can do the same for you.

  • Printed onto 1.4mm Heavy-duty European pulpboard
  • 93mm square and 107mm circular options
  • Max 10 day turnaround time
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  • Printed 2 sides
  • Graphic design service available
  • Food safety certified
  • Suitable for soaking up spills while still holding their shape

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