It is essential that there is a safe and controlled return to education. We have been printing Covid-19 signage and Covid-19 Safety Signs for a lot of the local schools beside us and we can offer the same service to primary and secondary schools nationwide.

We can print
Welcome Back to School Banners
Collection Point Dibonds and Corriboards
Drop off Point Signs
One way system arrows and signs
2m distancing floor stickers and distancing strips
Room name Floor Stickers
Covid-19 Flood Stickers
Do not site here stickers
Staff and Pupils only Beyond this point signs
This is 2 meters signs
Entrance Only and Exit Only Signs
Parents and Guardians Must Wear Face Coverings Signs
Know the Signs Covid-19 Poster
How to Wash Your Hands Signs (child friendly)
How to Cough and Sneeze Signs (child friendly)
Please Queue Here Covid 19 Signs
Keep Safe Distance Signs
Only Staff and Children Beyond this Line Floor Stickers
Stay in Your Bubble Signs
Information for School Visitors Signs
Table out of Use Sticker
4/3/2/1 Per Table Signs
Max Capacity Signs
General Covid-19 Signage and Stencils and Stickers

See pics for more ideas

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